Friday, February 12, 2010

Interzone Continues to Implode. Waiting for the Explode bit.

I just received a link to this rather incriminating writeup about IZ Corporate management tactics. It reeks of dishonesty, fraud and greed. For more information, see the story on Kotaku. It is a very interesting read, trust me.

I wrote a lot of Python for IZ over 12 months, it was a great place to work with a very smart team of Pythoneers, Artists and other creative sorts. If the game had been delivered, it could possible have become the second biggest MMO powered by Python. Sadly, it seems this is unlikely to happen.

Update: More inside info and allegations at at WA Business News.
Update: Gamasutra cover the Interzone Corruption.
Update: This page names the management, Marty Brickey, Mike Turner and Greg Chadwell.
Update: Tsumea documents Interzone mismanagement and employee abuse.
Update: Giant Bomb talks with ex-IZ employee.
Update: More detail on the con at deviantART.


Unknown said...

This sucks. I worked at the Brazil office with the web stuff... after much delayed payments our VP decided to abandon ship, and the staff left with (at least) one payment owed. *Some* people just got paid recently.

Completely insane what the board did.

Ben Sizer said...

It's quite sad to hear of fellow developers being treated this badly. Interzone Futebol was probably viewed as our main future competition (I worked on "Football Superstars" until quite recently) and it looked like a pretty good product from what I'd seen so far, definitely giving us a run for our money (and I wouldn't be surprised if Python played a big part in that!)

Here's hoping the developers find new and better jobs before too long.

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