Saturday, February 06, 2010

How to be an Awesome Open Source Dev.

This guy (ossipena), is clearly a legend.

Step 1. Tell your users to go elsewhere.

Step 2. Tell them to stop bitching.

Step 3. Tell them to not bother posting, just shut up.

This is a brilliant strategy to help engage your users, and create a friendly community around your product. Great work ossipena!

</sarcasm (if you didn't notice)>

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GM said...

Yeah his tone's a little off, but I completely agree with him. Bug trackers are an important tool for _actually_fixing_bugs_, and can only function efficiently when limited to precise, to-the-point information. There are plenty of other forums out there for passive-aggressive carping.

AFAIK there _is_ a friendly community around the product. Elsewhere.

Of course, noone should be able to create a bugzilla account without being shown basic etiquette guidelines. But even if they slipped up there, had he read the previous 16 comments on the bug (or any of the other thousands in the tracker) before running his mouth, he'd have known how out of place it was.

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