Thursday, November 13, 2014

Python-3 Game Server

I've been working on something new. I get a lot of projects where I have to add multiuser functionality. Finally I've made the jump to Python 3, and built a generic multi-user game server, so I can stop rewriting this sort of thing for every new project. It's using the most excellent asyncio framework, with aiopg for Postgresql support.

The server code is on GitHub, the Unity3D client is still in progress.

Those tedious functions, such as Registration, Authentication, Reset Password, Messaging, Rooms and Object storage are solved, may I never have to write a "Reset Password" module again!


René Dudfield said...

Love it. I'm amazed how clean modern python async code can be.

Also, a very nice example of asyncio with postgresql. Do you know of any other good examples?

Knowing how racy this type of code can be... are you going to add tests of some sort?

Some of the types seem a bit off. Like when you add to contact, it's as a string, where as they should be int types.

Really nice. Especially after having a look at some asyncore code recently! This is 1,000,000 times cleaner.

Simon Wittber said...

I've just been using the aiopg manual, the API is very different from psycopg. Tests and fixes are coming!

René Dudfield said...

Looking forward to watching you as you go.

Jos said...

Like Rene, i'm amazed at how amazingly succinct the code is.

Was thinking of branching to work on room based objects with sync...

Simon Wittber said...

@jos Room based objects with sync... not sure what you mean? Like shared objects in a room that a synced to clients when modified?

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