Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Personal Challenge: Game in a Week

In my spare time this week, instead of building spaceships, playing games or even drinking beer... I will make a game for the Apple App Store using Unity3D.

Next Wednesday I shall announce my failure, or success.

Who will join me? :-)

RAGE!: Unity3D Bug? kills all progress...


Failure. The above bug sucked my will to code for at least two days, though Unity does appear to be behaving now.

What have I got to show for the weeks effort?

1. I know that terrain meshes run acceptably fast on the iPad in the 1500-2000 vertex range. Meshlab does an excellent job of reducing Unity Terrain meshes to usable vertex counts.

2. A reasonable approximation of a car engine, transmission and differential.

3. An objective / waypoint system for running a race around a terrain.

I will revisit this again later. Sad Face.


Dirk said...

Judging from your earlier posts it will be some 'Homeworld'esque game?

I am not good enough in Unity3D atm unfortunately, but I could possibly contribute some music (and/or ideas) depending on the type of the game.

Simon Wittber said...

Not quite, that would be a little too ambitious.

I'll probably post a progress report soon. :-)

ZnnR said...

looking forward to seeing what you get done by Wednesday. need any 2d artwork let me know.

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