Thursday, November 29, 2007

Ubisoft coming to Perth?

I went to the pulse expo this evening, where one of the speakers mentioned that Ubisoft are in town (Perth, Western Australia), looking to set up a studio.



Richard Jones said...

I don't understand all these companies setting up in Perth (undoubtably because I'm not local). Surely there's better access to resources on the Eastern coast?

Any idea what's drawing them to the West coast? Apart from your good self, of course :)

Simon Wittber said...

I've heard that a certain government department (DOIR) is providing a lot of support and incentive to these new companies.

I've also heard that our universities and TAFE colleges are all doing the right thing when it comes to training new recruits.

The annual GO3 Conference probably brought some more attention as well.

DarkAnimator said...

I reackon it is about time perth started getting some game studios to open up here. Us western australian artist work just as hard at our art. Yet we do not have the same work prospects as the eastern states do. So in my opinion we don't get the same amount of freedom to work in the idustry as the eastern states

Unknown said...

This sounds promising! I'm from Perth originally and left in order to get work - UK and now Melbourne. Lifestyle in Perth is great - I can imagine a lot of people would be keen to move there from the east and esp. from overseas.

Anonymous said...

I would love to come back to Perth and work. I've been working in the States for years and keep hoping something will generate in WA. It's true. It's all about the lifestyle. Nothing beats those beaches

Unknown said...

I'm another that left Perth to find work - and found it - in Melbourne. (However, there were many other factors that made me relocate.)

Does anyone have any updates on whether Ubisoft has set up a studio there?

Anonymous said...

i have it on good authority that ubisoft are setting up in perth in osborne park, they are just waiting for the building to be repaired from previous storm damage

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