Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Meeting fellow enthusiasts...

I went to a DCiRG (Digital Content Industry Reference Group) meeting this evening, and met a few fellow enthusiasts. If you cannot work out what might happen at a DCiRG meeting... it was mostly about computer games and multimedia technologies. :-)

We talked about Python, Pygame, Pyglet and OpenGL. There was also talk about XNA + IronPython... It's great to talk to other people about all this stuff... It's rare that I get to meet Python people who like to build games too! Our technical colleges and Universities are offering (or will be offering) Python courses, centered around game development. Woohoo!


Richard Jones said...

Damn, that sounds like fun :)

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that, at the moment, Iron Python won't run on the Xbox 360 (but will on the PC). Did anyone talk about the prospects of getting Python running on the 360?


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