Friday, October 19, 2007

Do you work from home?

For that last 12 months, I've been working for myself, from my home office.

The single best thing I can recommend to anyone doing the same... is get a decent high backed office chair. I received one as a gift last night, and sitting here right now... ahh its magic!

I'm sure it helps me write better code! :-)

Update: Chair is pictured, and can be bought from ikea.


Anonymous said...

Have you a picture of this marvellous armchair ?

Unknown said...

I agree 100%. I started working from home in June, and after adding a better desk and a nice Hon office chair it's so much easier to sit there for the entire workday.

Eduardo O. Padoan said...

I heard that some packages come with bobcats instead of office chairs...

Blog Admin said...

I started working at home several months ago and started experiencing a lot of back pain and even swelling in my legs! Turns out my chair was causing the problem. Thanks for the info!
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