Monday, October 22, 2007

Mechanics and Coders

Took my MX5 in for a major service today. Walked back into the shop at closing time to pick up the keys and take it home. 3 hours later I drive away in a car with non-working handbrake. Which is not a good thing, especially considering I almost live on the side of a mountain.

Finding a good car mechanic is like finding a good coder. Next to impossible. From my personal experience, I believe most programmers don't really care about their work, and are satisfied with mediocrity. Perhaps the same can be said of auto mechanics.


Dave said...

Hi mate!

I'm looking for a quality coder to build something similar to ICCARUS that is located in Melbourne. Would you have any recommendations of who would be willing to take on a part-time paid project?


Simon Wittber said...

Sure, I've forwarded your message to a few people.

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