Tuesday, November 13, 2007

New 'Office' for the Summer

This Summer, I'll be working from a few new locations, around and about the city.

This particular spot looks like a good candidate! Working outdoors will require a few changes. I'll need to swap my power hungry laptop for something more portable and long lived, and I'll need to sort out a mobile broadband solution. On top of that, I'll need to carefully plan what I would like to achieve each day, so that I don't get too distracted... and achieve nothing. :)


Anonymous said...

it seems really nice place.I bet that you will spend days better but less work gets done :-)

To your mobile solutions - I am looking for something I can type on, I can run Python, preferably with linux and with battery that will last for 8-16 hours. Nothing suitable on the market. Do you have any candidates?

Anonymous said...

OT: I was looking at your linkedin profile and I have wondered how you get this Python Community group membership? Is this PSF membership or is this "linkedin group" only? It is possible to join that group and how?

Simon Wittber said...

Do you have any candidates?

Have a look at the EEE PC from Asus. Personally, I've bought a XPS M1330 from dell. It has a WLED screen, which is good outdoors, its light, and with an upgraded battery, can last the distance.

Simon Wittber said...

jiri: It's just a group within LinkedIn. You can join by adding the text 'Python Community' in the groups and associations box in the additional information section of your LinkedIn profile.

Anonymous said...

Asus EEE does not seem to be a good choice - it is sold with small battery and even it has no power.

But I just checked Dell XPS M1330 and it seems promising, 7 hours operating time is almost what I want. I am just thinking about upgrading ... thx for tip.

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