Friday, November 16, 2007

Pyglet amazes me again.

Pyglet 1.0 beta2 was released to the world a few days ago. I svn updated my local copy of the repository and noticed a new soundspace folder in the examples directory.

Curious, I tried to run Hmm seems I require an extra 'abvin' library... I try the example again...

Wow. Cool. Hang on... I can drag these widgets around, change their direction... and the audio changes too!

This is 3D positional audio! Pyglet rocks! This is a seriously cool, feature-full library. The more I look into Pyglet, the more I am pleasantly surprised. I need to find a project where I need to use these kinds of cool features!

Well done Alex.

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Anonymous said...

Give a try to Pigment too, see

GObject lib, python bindings and some pure python widgets. The animation framework rocks too :)

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