Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Monetizing a Web Service?

I felt like doing something new last night, so I built a web service using the Pylons 0.9.6 and SQLAlchemy 0.4 libraries. It was really just an excuse to catch up on the latest releases of the libraries... now I've got a cool little web service which provides online storage (like Amazon's S3) with a sequence/list style API. It has an XMLRPC and an RESTful API. It's useful and well-featured enough that I am going to try and monetize the service. I'm thinking of having free accounts with a fixed monthly quota. If a user pays a subscription, the quota increases. Pretty simple, and self sustaining. I hope! :)

The target audience is other developers who want to provide a synchronized database to their distributed applications. Think TODO lists, High score lists for games or even twitter-like chat applications.

I still need to design a human interface, write some docs etc. I'll need some beta testers too. Anyone interested?

BTW: SQLAlchemy 0.4 has added some very cool features. It is still the best ORM for Python. Everyone else is playing catch up.


Unknown said...

I would gladly be a beta-tester for todo lists + simple bug list management aka features and bugs

Anonymous said...

Hi! I am interested in beta-testing this, too. Integrating S3 storage is a possible feature for a Python app I am working on. Drop a mail at jonas.beckman (at) indra (dot) se, if you want to.

vinces1979 said...
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vinces1979 said...

I might be interested in testing and, helping out, I have built TG apps using this technology, and I have alot of Ajax experience

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