Friday, August 05, 2011

Unity3D 3.4 Enhancements

I enjoy modifying cars, so that they exceed their stock limitations. When you've fixed all the easy stuff on a vehicle, you move onto the fine tuning, which might only yield you one or two percent performance increase per modification. The latest version of Unity contains some very fine fixes, which are starting to make it run like a well tuned rapid development machine!

C# Script files now get the correct name when you first add them to the project. The ritual of "Create Script, Open, Rename, Drop onto Game Object" is gone forever! Now you only need to create the script, and Unity gives the class the right name automagically.

The second great fix is that you can now create a prefab simply by dragging an object from your scene hierarchy straight into the project view. No more tedious Create Prefab, Drop object Onto Prefab, Rename Prefab. It is just... drag... and drop!

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Friedrich said...

Not so cool are the permanent crashes on Win7 with Unity 3.4. :(

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