Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dubious Value of the Social Network.

I've been slowly extricating myself from various social networks for a while now. I've found I get a lot more things done.

I do like to stay on the bleeding edge of technology, in front of the game, so to speak. Being disconnected has not hurt this at all, in my opinion. I've not lost any business opportunities, friends or missed out on some new, important, game-changing tech...

I think the only things I'm missing out on are the latest LOL-cat or some other random funny waste of time. Or some random interesting but ultimately worthless blog post.

The above image is an advert targeting software developers, it is not a paid advert I have place on this site. It's message is clear.

What are social networks good for? Exploitation and making money. They're great for selling unmitigated garbage to the masses, where you watch them gulp it down in micro-payment sized portions and then beg for some more. If you have a product to sell, use the social networks. If you want to achieve things, leave them far behind, or exploit them for what they are.

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