Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Be an Indie Game Developer in 9 Steps.

  1. Make sure you have more ideas than talent.

  2. Hate the big publishers and anything mainstream.

  3. Join mailing lists with other Indie developers.

  4. Blog and write about awesome games you will make one day.

  5. Whine about scarcity of funding and lack of government handouts.

  6. When you eventually make "something", whine about the lack of sales.

  7. Whine about about the App Store being full of shovel-ware.

  8. Watch other developers make money. Call them sell-outs. They don't deserve the "Indie" badge.

  9. Rinse and Repeat.


Anonymous said...

Fuck you.

Simon Wittber said...


montdidier said...

My daughter has a little shirt that says "I, like my parents, enjoy a fine whine".

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