Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Burning out...

Too many projects. Too many people asking for things.

No time for the things I really want to do.

How do _you_ prevent burn out?


Jeremiah said...

By forcing myself to take a break and do something unrelated to the computer, but still creative for a while.

An hour or two (or, in some cases a day or two) of playing music, juggling, baking bread, drawing, reading, or pretty much any other creative or intellectually stimulating activity leaves me feeling ready to get back to what needs to be done.

If I don't do this when I start to feel the "burn-out", I tend to get stuck in an anti-productivity loop. Sometimes it lasts a few days to a week.

Dougal said...

I tend to keep going at it... but then i book holidays, things to look forward to. They could be just 4 days away or something exotic that lasts a couple of weeks. That depends on your budget etc.

It doesn't really matter, just something to get away.

keith said...

Learn to say No.

Paddy3118 said...

Learn to say no.
Then learn to say no without saying the word no.

- Paddy.
(I too am working on this last one).

Dougal said...

Saying 'no' to money is particularly hard sometimes...

Gaƫl said...

Yeah, it's all about taking break and doing enjoyable things far away from a computer.

Anonymous said...

Learn to say no - with qualifications. Saying no is inheritly negative, but with qualifications come understanding from your surroundings and justification for yourself.

It also forces you to think about priorities. Which is essential if you want to get through life without stress (and here I'm not meaning stress as in 'in a hurry', but in the original meaning of the concept)

I'm not in favour of the 'jumping-off-the-threadmill' idea. It just means that you'll have an ever more harder time to hit the ground running fast enough.

Or you could get some kids. Then you'll learn it the hard way :)

Anonymous said...

I make a list of all that I'm doing, rank the list, and go down 1/2 way and draw a line. It's hard, but everything below the line is either discontinued or put in deep freeze.

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