Saturday, June 09, 2007

Building Corsair Redux

I've got a few things I want Corsair Redux to feature.
  • User Generated Content - Players to be able to upload models and textures for use in game.
  • Exploration - Exploration and discovery should be key gameplay elements.

While thinking about game rules, I realised I need to answer a few unasked questions...

Is a conquer-the-universe gameplay objective going to be able to create a long lived game? Should it have RPG elements? Should it focus more on trading, economics, or something else?

Maybe a sim-solar-system, with players creating trade routes, discovering and colonising new planets... hmm.

The first Corsair project taught me that it really helps to get gameplay rules correct, before coding starts. :-)


Richard Jones said...

Please, please create a 4X strategy game that has the potential to be played in an hour or less! All those out there now are such long-winded games that it's hard to organise with friends to play them (over multiple nights, with breaks in the gameplay of weeks sometimes).

Of course if the same game could scale up to longer play, that'd be fine too!

A great-looking, easy-to-install casual 4X strategy game! Yeah!

Richard Jones said...

Just to be clear: I'm thinking something that occupies the space between galcon (single screen, RTS, very short games) and the big 4X multiplayer turn-based games. I'm pretty sure that space is currently empty.

Simon Wittber said...

That a good idea, it was something the original Corsair wanted to be.

Richard Jones said...

I've been having some ideas. My memory of Corsair was that it was quite unfinished (IIRC I couldn't get it to do much). Wanna trade some emails with design ideas perhaps?

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