Thursday, April 12, 2012

(Python + Unity3D) == MMO

This is something I've been helping build for quite some time now, and it is almost done.

It is an educational MMOG. It is powered by Python out the back, and Unity3D at the front. The Python server(s) are running Python 2.7, with Greenlets :-) and ZeroMQ for IPC. We had to design our own ORM, because SQLAlchemy (our first choice) didn't play well with the asynchronous Psycopg2 extension. The backend is loosely based on an Entity Component architecture, which is quite elegant and a joy to work with. It has been so easy to modify and extend, that I think I'll be using this architecture for most of my new projects.

Soon, the whole system will be battle tested by hordes of screaming children. I am confident it will weather the storm, and more. :-)


René Dudfield said...

Congrats! It's looking really good.

mike bayer said...

would love to know what changes/enhancements you think SQLAlchemy would need to support asynchronous usage. If concepts like unit of work and all that still apply, etc.

mike bayer said...

sorry for the comment spam, but I've just done some testing with greenlets/SQLAlchemy, if you just use the set_wait_callback hook (see, SQLAlchemy works just great with psycopg2 async + gevent. I just ran some stress tests, runs great (about 20% faster than a similar threaded example) What's the downside there ?

Simon Wittber said...

RE: SQLAlchemy, keep in mind this project started almost two years ago, so it's more than likely any problems we had have been fixed. I wish I could remember where the issue was, and I think I remember discussing it with you... Either way, it's great that it is working.

Unknown said...

Hi, I would like to talk about this process (Python - Unity3D). I'm needing use something like this in my research here in Brazil. So, Simon if we can talk more.. Please, take my e-mail

Unknown said...

I would love to see a blog post with some sample code (both client and server) on how to hook up Unity to a python server. I have been googling and can't find anything other than connecting Unity to Unity.

I don't suppose your project is open source??

Your architecture is exactly what I am interested for some simple multiplayer gaming.

- Gardner

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