Thursday, May 05, 2011

Model-Off, Next Week.

Next week in the Different Methods office, we're having a model-off.

What is a model-off? Well, we all love our respective modelling software. Except Lisa, I think she just tolerates Cheetah 3D :-). Anyhow, we're going to all tackle the same model, and see who produces the best quality model, balanced with the time spent to build it. No texturing required, just polygons!

Simon - Wings3D
Stephen - Maya
Nicholas - 3D Studio
Lisa - Cheetah3D

Which package will reign supreme? Stay tuned for the results! We'll probably release a Unity web player showing the results.


Anonymous said...

Silo3d FTW!!

ToWeR said...

What? No-one is using Blender ? Or Cloud rendering ? Or both ?!

ToWeR said...

Oh, no texturing...disregard.

Simon Wittber said...

Well, I guess no one uses blender, because it sucks?

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