Sunday, July 19, 2009

Who is up for some PyWeek?

Pyweek is coming up. Who is up for some furious game / python coding action?

Here is a bunch of games I've written for past a few previous PyWeek events. For the last few events, I've been unable to finish due to RL commitments. I'm thinking about trying again...

Anyone feel like teaming up?


Stephen said...

I might be able to join you. I've entered a handful of contests myself, though I've never done terribly well in PyWeek. I'm more interested in art than code this time around, so if you need music or 3D models, I can lend a hand. I'm perfectly willing to write some code as well. You might want to try to find another person in addition to myself, since the contest is during my second week of classes.

Some of my previous work

You can contact me at '.'.join(['steve', 'johnson', 'public']) + ''.

tshirtman said...


I would like to join too, I'm the developer of a super smash bros clone ( but I never did a pyweek and I'm not yet sure I will have this week free of IRL obligations (I re-enter class the week after, after 3years of professional work). Plus I'm not really a quick game developer, the only "quick" game I did are a tetris in one day (python-tk), and a pong in one hour (in basic, that was a long time ago ^^).

If you are interested anyway I would love to work with you.

Atamert Ölçgen said...

They are very professional looking. I'd love to try them out.

I would also love to team up/make games but I can not for the time being :(

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