Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Global Game Jam, ready to launch!

After much prep-work, the Perth Global Game Jam event is ready to launch!

We've got 25 registrations, plenty of sponsors, lots of loot, free broadband, an excellent venue and even Free Pizza and Soda! Woohoo!

Lot of participants are very keen to try out the Unity 2.5 beta (which now runs on windows), however I'm also hoping for a good turnout of faithful Pygame/Pyglet/Python coders, who will show these 'Unity' shmumps up. :-) There is a good mix of artists, modellers and coders turning up. Personally, I doubt I'll have time for much of anything, however I do hope I get get a few tunes together for teams that require music.

1 comment:

Sonictail said...

so bloody annoyed it's on this weekend. I want to roadtest 2.5!

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