Monday, July 14, 2008

What Rocks?

Owning and running a public site ( which people are actually (almost) using.

I've spent a week of spare time hours building and adding features, which has been quite refreshing. In my day job(s), I need to worry about lots of problems which simply don't exist on a simple site designed to serve a few hundred people.

So far, I've implemented these features:

- Signup / Verification by email
- Diary / Twitter style microblog system
- Atom feeds
- Etag caching (only used for non-authenticated clients)
- Chat system
- Screenshots
- Team creation, invites
- Polls, comments
- Member profiles

I'm planning to add a trust graph, file uploads and... whatever else pops into my head. I don't know where this burst of development energy has come from, but I hope it lasts.


Anonymous said...

Sounds cool...

what are you basing all your work on? ie. a particular framework?

Richard Jones said...

I suggest you plan right now for upload overload at the deadline :)

Simon Wittber said...

It's all Pylons, which has worked out great.

Oh and jQuery too.

Anonymous said...

(Posting this here since I can't get an email address without joining linkedin and I don't see any support emails on
I get an HTTP/1.x 500 Internal Server Error when trying to upload an image to my profile. The error page contains this text:

"error": {
"code": "500",
"message": "Internal Server Error",
"prefix": ""

I'm trying to upload this image:
with Firefox 3 on Ubuntu linux. My account is named "Foone".

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