Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Duke Nuke is coming.

I've just seen the Duke Nuke Forever Trailer. Bwahaahahah!

Its still making me laugh. Bwahahaha. I remember many mispent evenings, days and weekends playing Duke3D over a null modem cable, and a home made setup with 2 modems and a 9 volt battery.

The last line at the end of the trailer... genius. My friend Iven disagrees, though I do understand his point of view.


Iven Stevens said...

Haha - indeed great times. Having said what I said though you can bet your sweet ass I'll be at the front of the line to purchase this bad-boy. I was just thinking that in all this time there must have been something REALLY special feature developed that was the reason for the huge wait. Expectation sure can be a terrible thing for a game title, and you're right if everyone gets that 'idea' out of their head I'm sure they'll all fall in love with Duke all over again. On topic, this is pretty hilarious.

Anonymous said...

damn, I had such a good time with the duke ! Multiplayer was excellent (first multi player game over a modem! for me at least!).
Hope the long delayed sequel is not for naught.

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