Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Python Education in Perth

Just recieved an invitation in my email to attend a bi-monthly game dev meetup at TAFE (A Technical College) in Perth, WA.

* Python * what is it and where to start:
You may have heard of Python * a very high level open source scripting language that has been used not only for introducing programming concepts to students but also for writing games scripts and controlling associated 3D rendering engines amongst many other applications and uses. Find out what you need to download to install Python and PyGame and the pit falls you will encounter to get it all up and running from a layman s perspective. See an example of what can be achieved after just a few days of development.
Presented by Steve Eggleston, Head of Programs, New Media Studies, Central TAFE

These chaps are using Python to teach game development! That's great! I wonder if they know of pyweek...


Anonymous said...

If you are in Perth (AUS) and are interested in attending the session Simon mentions on Wednesday 15th August then please email me:

Details of what the session is about can also be found here:


BTW - if you check out the web page you will need to enter "iGD" to gain access...

Richard Jones said...

Wow, this is pretty cool. I'm trying to figure out how to work pygame into the lectures I'll be doing for RMIT :)

Anonymous said...

Wha, that's great!

Do you know if there will be any podcast so that the poor little European I am will be able to have a look at what they've done?

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