Friday, December 15, 2006

The Red Tape Factor

Apparently Interzone Games are having some difficulty getting established in Western Australia.

Two days ago I attended I attended a cocktail function in order to hear a 'major announcement' from Interzone Games and the Western Australian Department of Industry & Resources (DOIR). The "Honorable Francis Logan MLA, Minister for Energy, Science and Innovation" was also coming along. Like the other attendees, I expected Interzone to announce they were setting up a studio in Perth, with assistance from the DOIR...

...but the Minister didn't even turn up! Hmmph. No explanation was given, other than "I'm sorry, we can't make the announcement we expected to" from Interzone CEO Robert J. Spencer. Weird.

This afternoon, I received a message in my inbox asking me to sign this online petition. It seems like someone inside DOIR changed their mind about the deal they were offering Interzone, which is really strange, as I believe that DOIR hosted and organized (read: financed) the function.

At least that explains the warm beer. :-).


Anonymous said...

The DoIR people I spoke to at the event said that they were still completely behind Interzone but that there was some bit of red tape that they hadn't realised they had to deal with. Everyone seemed very embarassed about it all -- but they were still there showing their support -- so I think it's all good.

Best to sign the petition though anyway, just to keep the pressure on them!

Crispin said...

Warm beer! What has our government come to!

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