Monday, October 23, 2006

Python at Perth IGDA meeting

I've just got back from an networking session organised by the IGDA chapter in Perth, Western Australia (that's my home city). For more information, read Nick Lowe's take on the event.

I caught up with some like-minded individuals, and some game producers who are looking to start up a dev shop in Perth or Melbourne. The interesting thing is... they are looking for Python programmers!

In fact, Python dominated a lot of the conversation. People are really waking up to the productivity gains a high level language like Python can provide. I've been asked to provide a demonstration of 2 or 3 games I've worked on (tommorow, at a local University), and the technology behind them. Should be fun!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Simon!

Good to meet you last night!
The Nick I was talking about you already know, you linked to his post, ha ha!

Good luck with with working for yourself, glad to hear you have contract work at least!


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