Saturday, May 05, 2012

Rendering HTML

Rendering HTML in Unity3D sure is... tricky.
It would seem simple enough, but page/text layout algorithms can certainly be challenging, even when supporting only a subset of HTML.


flibX0r said...

Why not just use Awesomium? It's an implementation of the chromium renderer that works well with real-time apps, and the licence is free for indi devs.

They even have a Unity tutorial:

Simon Wittber said...

1. Doesn't do iOS.
2. Doesn't do Web Player.
3. I don't want to embed a browser, I just want to render HTML.

Favo Yang 杨仲伟 said...

Looks interesting. Do you use any library or started from stretch? Plan to support CSS?

Simon Wittber said...

Started from scratch. Not supporting CSS, however there is a CSS style mechanism which is exposed to the developer in the Unity inspector.

Favo Yang 杨仲伟 said...

Very cool, would be good if this component can work with NGUI, which can bring powerful and easily layout
and styling option.

BenG said...

Looks very interesting, and would be very useful for a game I'm working on, and for any game needing tutorial/manual/level description text...ought to sell like hot cakes on the Asset Store!

Anonymous said...

I'd also be interested in grabbing it once it's in the asset store.

If you're looking for any beta testers, our group would be happy to sign an NDA (and of course buy it once it's ready). We have 3-4 guys and a project that needs a simple HTML render, so we could bang on it plenty.

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