Wednesday, January 26, 2011

UnityWeb 0.1

The Unity3D WWW alternative is now half baked and ready for preliminary tasting.

I've just added support for HTTP redirects, and some safer exception handling. Oh, it supports chunked transfer encoding too!

Update: ARRGH seems like more work is needed for it can be used in a WebPlayer. It works with iOS however. :-(


Dev said...

Cheers for UnityWeb, gives me a starting point :). Special thanks for the caching code !

I had a look at the source at googlecode, from what i could tell no Webplayer support in UnityWeb yet :(. Would you be adding this at some point ?

From what i gather Unity uses methods from CrossDomainPolicyParser.dll to set up the security policy when we use the inbuilt WWW class. A similar setup is not being done for UnityWeb. Is it even possible?


In the webplayer, any socket "Connect" by UnityWeb calls "System.Net.Sockets.Socket.Connect_internal" with "requireSocketPolicyFile" set to "true". Calling Security.PrefetchSocketPolicy(server_ipaddress, port_num ) before doesn't seem to be doing anything . In most cases its returning false , even though crossdomain.xml is setup on the server.


Simon Wittber said...

I've been looking at this problem myself recently.

It appears that unity won't use HTTP when doing a security prefetch on port 80. It expects that the cross domain policy file will be simply dumped out to the port as it is in other cases.

Because of this, the web server must have a process and a port configured for this behaviour, which makes UniWeb much less versatile in the web player build.

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