Saturday, January 29, 2011

Procedural Space Skybox for Unity3D.

Space is awesome. Especially when it is generated using Perlin noise, and some cool shaders. You can try it out over here.


Davideo said...

Simon - I'm using Unity in a tiny dome, preparing to use it in a planetarium we are building. Is there any way I could get the project file on this to work with? We will have "real" astronomical software as well, but this would be great for teaching teens Unity and experimenting in the mini-dome. Thanks!

Craig said...

I would love to see this as well, any chance I could get my hands on it?

cathal said...

Hi Simon,

This looks cool. Are you making the source available?

Dazerdude said...

I'm building a space flight game, and I would love to get a look at the source for this. Any chance it's available somewhere?

Anonymous said...

want sources? decompile it!

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