Monday, August 16, 2010

Game Dev Wages in Perth.

I noticed a local developer has started hiring. It appears they're working on a PS3 game...

They're advertising a bunch of jobs, including creative types, and technical types. The advertised rate for the creative jobs is "40k". That seemed pretty low to me, so I did some research.

They stated in their requirements: "Minimum of 3-year degree with an emphasis in character animation or equivalent work experience." What is the award rate for a person with that kind of education?

Fair Work Australia tells me that it is $41579.20, assuming a 40 hour work week. If we assume the 40k figure includes Super, that means they're getting paid almost $5000 below the award rate. Ouch.

The technical jobs have a "45k" salary attached, which, including Super, is still just below the Award rate. Ouch Again.


montdidier said...

Well there aren't many games developer jobs in Perth one has to admit, certainly not ones that are paying. It is an entry level position too. A senior coder in London will generally get about 32 - 40 K GBP. Doing the conversion it's not that great either.

The sad part is not that people are offering that salary as much as somebody will take it, thereby legitimising the offer.

montdidier said...
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