Wednesday, January 20, 2010

GGJ Perth in trouble...

Unfortunately I've not secured a venue for the GGJ. With 9 days left, things are not looking hopeful.

It could be that GGJ Perth will not run this year. I'll delay making that decision until later this week.



beetlefeet said...

Could we secure a place if we had some cash? I'm sure participants are willing to cough up a fee to a certain degree. I know I definitely am.

How much would we need to hire some place like the bakery or something? and do you know of any such places that would be available? (again, given the moola exists).

Simon Wittber said...

Given moola exists, a venue is available.

The best so far has been eCentral TAFE. The cost involved there comes from the requirement to pay security guards to keep the centre open over a weekend. Estimated cost is $1000 for Saturday and Sunday.

Simon Wittber said...

BTW: I'm now investigating the use of public buildings. This is probably cheaper, but there is great difficulty getting a venue for the entire 2 days and 3 nights. Also, there will be no computer facilities available at this sort of venue.

Adrian said...

I'll check UWA for you, but I doubt they will give you the OK..

Have you tried the usual LAN organizations? WALAN, etc?

Jason Hutchens said...

With 20 registered Jammers, that'd be a $50 entry fee, which is pretty steep. But we mustn't let GGJ Perth get cancelled (especially when there's so few Sydney registrations - Good Game will be hosting and shooting the Sydney one - we need to prove we're better than them)!

I've hit up Timezone for sponsorship - they said they'd get back to me with a decision in the next couple of days. Apart from that, I know RocketHands will throw in a few C-notes.

We will prevail! Great job Simon, and hope I can help.

brad said...

GAK! GGJ Cancelled? Not on my watch buddy! I'll speak with Josh and see what the deal is with Murdoch.

Other than that, there house?

Unknown said...

I asked the WAnimate committee if anyone could think of a venue. Someone suggested Canning College, which is next door to Curtin.

I might be able to chase up a contact number for you if you're interested.

lordmortis said...

Trinity Conference and Accomodation Centre
230 Hampden Road, Crawley WA 6009
Phone: +61 (08) 9423 9423 Fax: +61 (08) 9423 9422

Kit said...

Can't make GGJ this year either, even though i signed up... got a whole stack of things on that weekend.

- Kit Matthews

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