Friday, January 22, 2010

Best iPhone Case on the Planet!

I've just a bought a "Fuel" case by case-mate. I am certain that this is the best iPhone case I've ever seen.

It provides a whopping 2300 mA of extra battery power. This almost triples my average battery life. Pure awesome. The best thing about it, is that I now get to turn on notifications, push email and all that other battery consuming goodness. I can even play Avatar - The Game for longer than 90 minutes! :-)

Lucky for us Perth folks, the only authorised dealer in Australia is located in Perth at 269 Great Eastern Highway in Midland. If that's a long trip for you, it may pay to call first and make sure they have them in stock (9274 7111). Tell them Mr Wittber sent you. :-)

Oh yeah one other thing... the USB jack is on the SIDE of the case. Much better than on the bottom IMO, but it might  limit what car phone holder gadget you can use... if you need such a thing.

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