Tuesday, April 21, 2009

PyCap - Another Python Game Framework

I've been spending some time with a client, helping maintain a game written in PyCap. PyCap is The PopCap Game Framework + Python hooks.

It is quite fun to work with. The API is simple and stays out of the way, and it's fast! It also takes care of building the binary distributable, which has some appeal for game development in Python. There is also builds for Linux and Mac. It looks neat, but I imagine it could be hard to debug.


Farbs said...

Cheers for the link :)

Let me know if you have any problems w/ PyCap. I'd like to add an interpreter window, which would help debug since you could inspect (and modify) program state. I haven't been using PyCap lately though, so additions to it are currently on hold.

Unknown said...

Have you done any profiling/etc with psyco to see if it makes sense to include that with the package?

Farbs said...

In my own games I haven't needed to optimize at all, so I haven't looked at it. I tend to use quite simple game logic though. I don't do any complex physics or AI work.

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