Friday, August 17, 2007


The chaps over at viddler are hosting a video of our ICCARUS presentation. The video skips the first moments of the presentation, where I load a few instances of the Python interpreter... to jeers (maybe cheers :-) from (I guessing here) the Rails aficionados in the crowd.

Update: ICCARUS Screencast is now available on scouta.


Unknown said...

Will Iccarus be available to other companies? Are you releasing this?

Simon Wittber said...

Absolutely. ICCARUS was put together _very_ quickly, there is still much to do before it becomes usable for other companies.

Unknown said...

Hi Simon,

Would it be possible to use ICCARUS to visualize dynamic conflict event-data between various actors? If so, any chance we could do a quick pilot? I have a decent dataset and have been looking for software tools to visualize conflict dynamics from networks perspective.


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