Friday, January 28, 2011

The Unity3D Animation Window

Some Tips we've learned the hard way.

1. You can hover over the time axis and use the scroll wheel to scale time, and fit your entire curve in one window.

2. Using the scroll wheel anywhere else will scale time AND space in a uniform manner.

3. The bottom left drop box in the animation window will let you display animated values only, which helps when searching for a curve.

4. You don't edit an animation by selecting it as an asset, you need to select the game object it is attached to in order to edit it.

5. In the top right, next to name of the game object you are editing, you can see a drop down which lets you pick which animation to work on.


Anonymous said...

You can also press "F"!

Anonymous said...

Holding the shift key down when using the scrollwheel just alters the scale, holding the control key down just alters the timeline. Still a pain :(

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