Saturday, May 29, 2010

iPad - Africa - PyCon

I bought an iPad, then I read this sobering commentary. Hmmm.

In other news, I'm heading to the first PyCon AU in a few weeks to talk about giant robots and meet new people.


Ben Bangert said...
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Ben Bangert said...

You can substitute any set of words belonging to items/liberties of the wealthy (or comparatively so to many Africans) for 'ipad' in that article. For example, depending on where you fly from, the plane ride to PyCon AU is easily an iPad or two, the hotel stay is another iPad or so. All to meet some people we could prolly meet with a ChatRoulette for Python geeks.

Sure it isn't the same as meeting them face to face, but hey, then at least we'd be helping the impoverished, right?

kindly said...

I have decided not to buy any new technology for this reason. If I need a new laptop I will get a refurbished one. There is nothing you can't do on 4 year old hardware. Most people moan at apple because they closed software wise. My biggest complaint is they have the most closed hardware. Like software, hardware needs standards. You may not end up with the most perfect device ever, if you follow the standards, but, the devices will be much less wastful and can be maintained and given to people less fortunate.

The recent stories about the chinese factories compounded this view.

I hate the coolness of technology that apple promote. I care about the coolness of free software as it can benifit everybody with practically zero waste.

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