Sunday, March 29, 2009

Something Rotten at Apple...?

Are you an iPhone developer? Do you want to be an iPhone developer?

Here is some bad news. The Apple App Store refund policy could cost you more than you think.

If someone buys your app, and decides within 90 days that they want a refund... Apple will refund the full amount to the user, and ask you, the developer to pay that full amount back to Apple, including the commission Apple took from the original purchase.

On the surface, this looks rather evil. However, it could help stem the tide of trash apps which are flooding the App store.


Hans Sjunnesson said...

This has been debunked days ago.;title

Enough with the FUD already.

Simon Wittber said...

This is not FUD and has not been debunked.

It is a clause that currently exists in the iPhone Developer contract, both old and new.

It is worth pointing out the fine print which can hurt, esp. to new developers considering entry into the program.

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