Thursday, September 06, 2007

The Motorola Z6

I've just bought a Motorola Z6, a Linux based, music oriented mobile phone.

There are some serious bugs in the phone. Trying to mount the phone as a usb mass storage device will not work at all in Linux. It has some problems in OS X, but is still usable after a few tries. I haven't been able to test in Win32 yet.

Also, the bundled S9 bluetooth stereo headset cuts in and out while playing music. This unfortunately this makes the headset useless for listening to music. :-(


Hopefully a firmware update will eventually solve these issues. Other aspects of the phone are great. The menus and navigation in general are very fast, and it has the most readable display in direct sunlight I've ever used.


teddlesruss said...

Hmmm a "music phone" that the headphone doesn't work with. Seems to be a trifle oxymoronic.

Anonymous said...

I’m based in South Africa, got the phone around four weeks back. I having a battery life problem with less than 50% of the advertised talking and standby time, the phone software is great and easy to use however the phone freezes from time to time and gets worst when pulling data off the SD-CARD, the headphones worked for around two weeks and as long as you don’t mind the cutting out, limited volume and environmental sound interference then they serve their purpose as being over-sized hands-free headphones, as blue-tooth headphones they are a rip-off. Now they have stopped working all-together, which is ironic, as you say a music phone without headphones. Would I purchase the phone again, knowing what I know now, answer is big NO. Save yourself the trouble.

Unknown said...

Really not worth the trouble. I've been a long standing motorola customer (since 1998) but I am thoroughly disappointed. Phone keypad is falling apart, just as with the z3.
I'm going the way of Nokia.

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