Friday, March 16, 2007

Having TurboGears Problems

I'm using TurboGears with the SQLAlchemy ORM Library for a couple of large projects. SQLAlchemy is magic, and TurboGears has definitely provided a rapid development environment for both projects, however it is becoming clear that the second-class-citizen status of SQLAlchemy is becoming a problem in one of my applications, where I need greater control over database transactions and exception handling. In this case, TG is just getting in the way.

It looks like most of these SA integration problems are being addressed in some future TG release, but I can't really wait, and I'm not inclined to fix the TG code (all that multimethod RuleDispatch code makes my brain hurt). I'm going to write my own specialised expose/identity/validate decorators, and try a specialised CherryPy3/Genshi/SQLAlchemy combination without TG.

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Unknown said...

You may want to try Pylons instead of CherryPy3. I have the same kind of SQLAlchemy needs that you do and it worked fine (rolling my own stuff), plus you get their awesome EvalException integration for debugging.

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