Sunday, March 11, 2007

Interviewing at Google

I had a preliminary phone interview with Google last Wednesday. Seems they are chasing Python programmers for positions at YouTube, and my name came up on their radar.

The interview went well (for what is was), but since then I've discovered it may be very difficult to get the required E-3 visa which is needed for Australians to do this kind of work in the US.

The problem is, I need to qualify as a 'skilled person', which requires a BSc, or equivalent (8 years) work experience. I have part of a degree, which I'm not likely to finish, and only 6 years of commercial work experience, which basically means I don't qualify for the visa.

Anyone else had to tackle this problem before?


mike bayer said...

im sure google could write the appropriate letters/make the appropriate phone calls to make it happen...rules like that can always be overridden by the right signatures from higher up.

how does one get picked up by their radar, anyway ? if it stretches all the way to australia, i wonder how its missing all of new york :(.

Simon Wittber said...

im sure google could write the appropriate letters...

I thought the same, but I spoke to the recruiter about it, and they flagged it as a problem as well.

how does one get picked up by their radar, anyway?

A few years ago I completed one of their online challenges (the billboard problem) which probably got my name in their recruitment database. Other than that, I guess I've got the right keywords on my resume! Also, if you know anyone inside Google, I was told an internal reference is worth a lot.

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