Monday, April 11, 2011

AI for Unity3D

I'm about to release a tool called React. It implements behaviour trees for Unity3D.

Here is the obligatory screencast. I hope this is as easy to use as I think it is! It makes the designer specify what actions and conditions are available on the game object, before the programmer implements them.

The first step is to create a React Graph using the React Editor. The graph consists of selectors, sequences, actions, conditions and many other different node types. This graph is serialized into an asset so that it can be used by multiple game objects.

The second step is generating the C# script. This is as simple as clicking the generate button. The generated file contains stubs for the actions and conditions used in the behaviour tree. The body of these stubs is then filled in with appropriate code, and voila, you have an intelligent object.

It should be fully baked any day now, stay tuned!

Update: Now available on the asset store.

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