Monday, July 05, 2010

HTC Legend - Review

The Good.
- Nice Body
- Nice Camera

The Bad.
- The Interface is bad. The keyboard is cluttered, with redundant glyphs cluttering each key.
- 6 hardware buttons which don't work as you expect.
- Multiple ways to scroll the screen, which work differently in each app. You can use the trackball, or the touch screen. Or accidentally both at once.

The Really Bad.
- The browser threw a javascript error on the google home page.
- The browser does a lousy job of rendering. Some web pages flicked between line wrap and no line wrap, making scrolling and viewing difficult, if not impossible.
- Despite the browser working, and obviously having a working data link, the maps application refused to work, complaining that it needed a data link.
- The Google Mail sync also refused to work, complaining that it needed a data link.
- In fact, the only internet enabled app that worked was the browser.

Overall, HTC Legend + Android == Fail.

1 comment:

Nick said...

I guess that their marketing phrase "Discover the Unexpected" really does apply.

Are you running Android with HTC Sense or plain vanilla Android? If the former, it might be worth rooting the device.

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