Wednesday, August 30, 2006

CG in the Multi-core Style

I've just read an two interesting articles re: real time ray tracing.

This is exciting stuff.

In the mid 90's, Ken Silverman wrote a bleeding edge 2.5D ray casting engine which was used to create Duke Nukem 3D. This was however, quickly eclipsed by Carmack's Quake engine, which was based on triangle rasterization. Ten years on, not a whole lot has changed. Things just got faster, and hotter, and bigger. Loking forward however, there is some exciting new graphics tech coming our way. With a quad core multi GHz CPU, real time ray tracing might soon become a reality.

This raises everyone's favorite Python whipping boy, the GIL, in another context.

The GIL prevents Python from scaling (using threads) across multiple processors. Hopefully someone will solve this problem soon. I want to use multiple threads on my multi-core chip in Python, but, at the moment, I cannot. Sure, I can fork a process and do something clever with that, but on Win32, this is rarely worth the effort, and generally not very useful for game programming. As more users get multi-core chips, Python won't scale as naturally as other threaded languages.

Will anyone step up and take on this challenge? I hope so.

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