Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Unity3D WheelCollider Tip #2.

Always adjust the centreOfMass attribute of the rigid body of your vehicle AFTER you've attached the WheelCollider components. Otherwise, the centreOfMass attribute appears to be reset, resulting in much unstableness (unless your vehicle is particularly well designed).

Depending on your objective, you probably will get the best results if you set the centreOfMass to just below your wheel axles.


Infiniteunity3D said...

Does that help to avoid the effect where my car pops a wheelie every time I press the gas?

Simon Wittber said...

Haha no, that effect is caused by applying a constant motorTorque to the wheels. It should fall off as the speed gets higher, just like a real car.

The latest version solves these problems, I'll post a Web Player next week I expect.

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