Tuesday, February 06, 2007

SOAP... is a "hostile overlay of the Web"

Haha! It seems that Gartner's thinking on Web services agrees with statements I've made for years...
Web Services based on SOAP and WSDL are "Web" in name only. In fact, they are a hostile overlay of the Web based on traditional enterprise middleware architectural styles that has fallen far short of expectations over the past decade.

Yep. SOAP sucks. Anyone building enterprise architecture with SOAP (mostly .NET people) have made a big mistake, and Gartner has spelled it out for them.

Long live the RESTful architectural style!



cowmix said...

Well.. SOAP in Python definitely sux.. However there is a new SOAP lib that will be released at PyCON that will hopefully fix that situation.

Steve said...

I doubt it. SOAP sucks whatever language you use it from.

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