Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Apple Extortion

A Macbook Pro in the US will cost me $3899 USD.

A Macbook Pro in Australia will cost me $4709 AUD.

How many AUD will $3900 USD buy me?

$3835 Australian Dollars. I get to pay $1k more just because I live in Australia. This is just wrong, especially when you consider we are so much closer to China, where all Apple stuff is built.


Anonymous said...

The USD price does not include any sales tax at all which can be over 10% (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sales_taxes_in_the_United_States). The AUD price includes 10% GST.

There still is a gap, but not as big as the $1000 you've shown there.

Adrian said...

what are you buying that is 4 grand?? the us, sg, hk, and aud macbook pro are all similar price on the store.. (usually around 2500 aud,.. we pay 2900 because of gst)

lazyweb said...

You pay more because you have been seen to pay more. Apple makes great hardware.

Of course, succubi were said to be phenomenally beautiful.

The point is: Apple is a hardware company, that makes great products. Love the products, but you see how it is.

mae said...

hehehe In Latin America that's nothing. You can get over 50% price increase

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