Saturday, February 12, 2011

Spacebox Released!

Spacebox is a procedural content generator for space environments. The good news is, it is now available on the Unity Asset Store!

You can try out out a demo on the web over here.

Spacebox generates seamless cube maps which you can use as a Skybox material in Unity3D. You can customise any number of star and nebulae layers with different textures and colours to produce a unique space environment.

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3KyNoX said...


Very interested by your space projects.

I just get into Unity3D community and looks like making a mmo space RTS game project.

My primary idea is to follow that game : I was fan created primary by french team and bought by chinese company. Untill this time, no further great development.

As idas for the project, I retain EvE Online details and complexity, RTS view and movements to manage units or to be in First Person view like Sins of a Solar Empire and his Bailknight's Graphic Mod : and to finish, make a procedural universe and define space / planet transition or get this graphic quality render like on

Maybe your projects will help me to do this out.

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